E-Conference Speaker Introductions – Part 1 – Kim and Darlene

Greetings Kingdom Moms!

With the Kingdom Moms E-Conference just a little over a week away, I’d like to take some time to introduce you to our wonderful speakers!  We’ll start with Kim and Darlene Unrau because…well, they’re my favorite couple!!!! (AND they submitted their pic and info first!)  Yes, it’s true…of all the couples I know, and I know and love a LOT – they are my favorite.

From the first time I met Kim and Darlene I knew that they were the “real deal.”  From the words coming out of their mouths to the smiles that exude joy on their faces – I just couldn’t get enough.  They’re the kind of couple that makes you want to pull up a chair and just soak up the love and fun tidbits that they spurt out like it’s nothing and BEG for them to adopt you into their family (ok, maybe that’s just me…) <3

While their personalities are wonderful and they have fun and exciting stories to tell – the qualifier here is JESUS.  These two people love Jesus and their life is lived to advance the Kingdom of God right where they are…everyday.  And THAT is what makes them the “real deal.”

Without further adieu, I’m honored to introduce you to our Kingdom Moms E-Conference Speakers, Kim and Darlene Unrau.


“Kim & Darlene Unrau have been married for over 27 years and have learned through this process to communicate, resolve conflict, prefer one another and laugh till it hurts. Matthew, Joel and Jordan are their incredible sons: Matthew is pursuing kingdom business, Joel is completing his teaching degree and Jordan beat us all to heaven. Their journey is blogged in www.jordanshealing.blogspot.com.

Their work history includes pastoring for 25 years in many different contexts across Canada – large and small churches as well as church planting. Kim and Darlene desire to partner with Father God to see replicating authentic Kingdom communities that look and act like Jesus through discipleship and risky faith – doing the works of Christ. They love to teach and preach, cast out demons, heal the sick and lead people to Jesus.

Kim loves to laugh, sail and hunt. Darlene loves the laughing and sailing but saves her hunting for outlet malls.  While Kim’s degree is in theology and Darlene’s is in education with a minor in counselling, Kim has ended up the consummate counsellor, turning his years of experience into a tent-making business, Inspired Life Training – providing family, individual, couple and executive coaching and training in person or through Skype.

True To You is an abstinence-based program, developed by Darlene, through the local pregnancy care centre, where she has had incredible opportunities to give presentations to students from grades 7 – college age in schools and organizations both public and private.  The training of youth influencers, including parents, is her passion since they are the ones on the front lines. They are the ones having a 1000 little conversations instead of the one “big talk” about healthy relationships and healthy sexuality as Father God intended.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Kim and Darlene share!

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