E-Conference Speaker Introductions – Part 3 – Kathy Miiller

Introductions Part 3 – this one is a doozy for me…I get teary just starting this intro because this lady means sooo much to me. God brought her into my life because her last name was misspelled on an order through JGLM.  While I don’t normally do this area of work, I was helping out and I was the one who called Kathy to resolve the issue that day and I’m so very thankful I did!  Life hasn’t been the same since, in the best way.

Kathy has become one of my very best friends through prayer, late night document editing, giggles, recipes, girly chats, teamwork on world changing projects and KINGDOM chats!  I value this lady in my life so much because she is who she is – and who she is, is a reflection of Christ’s love and also His warrioristic character.  Her determination in prayer, potty training and work for the Kingdom has earned her the nickname “pit bull” and appropriately so. <3

Kathy’s love of truth and dedication to see it spread and be known is awe inspiring – and she does it while also baking cookies and talking about scrumptious snacks!  Her genius doesn’t stop at the kitchen though – she is a fellow techno geek and can blow you out of the water with her knowledge of software and what it takes to make things happen while utilizing technology.

She’s dedicated to her 5 beautiful children and adoring husband (who is, in my opinion, a genius in his own right as well) and does a great job at keeping her priorities in line.  I thank God for Kathy in my life and I’m so very blessed to call her friend and introduce you to her.  Here she is, warrior, potty trainer, pit bull, cookie maker but best of all, Jesus reflector Kathy Miiller…

Kathy Miiller

“Kathy is a busy mother of five children in the upper Midwest. As a team, she and her husband, Kevin, work to advance God’s Kingdom by spreading the good news of the Gospel. With a heart for education, Kathy enjoys both learning and teaching on a wide variety of topics, from adult computer classes and algebra to the truth of God’s Word as a daughter of the King. She enjoys cooking, baking and eating (chocolate). While she has never earned any cleaning awards, her children have given her the title of best cook and bedtime song singer.”

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